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According to the UN agency policies and also the health laws of the target markets to regulate and stop the unfold of COVID nineteen pandemic worldwide, the MOYWAT brand has prioritized the implementation of these laws at a considerable and practical speed, and by connecting and converging with the IHR Environmental Health Regulatory committees and the ISS Syndromic Care System and cross-border Health Care Bases have accelerated the implementation of the protocols carefully, and to maintain the safety and the quality of the goods monitors the process of production, packaging and sending the intended good of the target market under an expert team extensively. Obtaining health certificates and quarantine is a priority for the MOYWAT brand more than any other special case. The MOYWAT team, in each process of the goods supply chain and the logistics sector, understands and considers the comfort and the peace of mind of the applicants of their goods in the target market about COVID 19 disease. In every path of sending the goods, the MOYWAT brand, together with inspection and monitoring teams, as well as the health and safety and quarantine specialists, has doubled its sensitivity in implementing the World Health protocols and the target markets to prevent the outbreak of COVID 19, to MOYWAT brand goods be the ambassador of health and confidence in the boundaries and paths of the target market. Our common motivations in world trade are to preserve human health and lives. And the MOYWAT brand understands the global sensitivity in preventing the outbreak of coronavirus and considers it as a priority in providing commercial services and has taken firm, specific and significant steps in this regard under the supervision of regulatory organizations.

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Step by step with WHO
Step by step with IHR
Step by step with ISS
100% Safety
And observing quarantine in production, packaging and sending goods to all markets
in the world.
Ambassador of confidence, health and quality
Protocols are patterned from Moywat.
Moywat brand protects your goods against Coronavirus.