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Zahidi dates health benefitsZahidi dates exporters in 2021

The best way to buy bulk dates is to buy gardeners.Nowadays, most sellers of dates, or pie trees and sometimes cold houses sell and other space for buyers will not remain component.The only way to buy well from Zahidi dates exporters, it is in the summer time or even before harvesting in the area, you have to buy your favorite dates in advance.Or if you buy a small amount at the time of harvest from the gardeners get the amount you need.

buy Zahidi dates at exporters

Zahidi dates health benefits

Zahidi dates health benefits 1. Facial skin rejuvenation Palm fruit contains high amounts of vitamins C and D, which reduces wrinkles and causes facial skin rejuvenation. Also, the palm kernel has phytohorms that have significant anti-aging effects and prevent skin wrinkles.

2. Strengthen and increase hair growth Palm iron is high, which increases blood circulation in the scalp, and strengthens and increases hair growth can be, as well as the consumption of dates, from hair loss to prevent.

3. Fatty liver Dates are useful for improving liver health and preventing fatty liver disease, as well as dates increase liver detoxification. 10. soak the dates in the evening until the morning in water and eat fasting in the morning.

4. Colds and sore throats Dates are useful for the prevention and treatment of colds, fever and sore throats. squeeze the dates and add to a bowl of milk and boil this milk to treat colds, fever and cough.

5. Diabetes and blood sugar The date has a low glycemic index and does not increase diabetic blood sugar after consumption. Zinc and magnesium in dates are useful for regulating blood sugar in people with type two diabetes. Vitamin A found in dates improves the health of the eyes and prevents blindness in diabetics.

6. Fetus and pregnant women Daily consumption of dates prevents constipation in pregnant women. The high level of iron contained in dates can be anemia pregnant women treat them. the muscles of the uterus, strengthens and enhances the mother’s milk during lactation can be. Dates increase intelligence and strengthen the memory of the fetus. A study has shown that eating dates four weeks before childbirth can make childbirth easier.

Zahidi dates exporters in 2021

Zahidi dates exporters in 2021 If you want good mazafati dates, our colleagues can simply help you in easy shopping due to the relationship that they have with horticulturists and bulk selling centers.By visiting the majority of Iranian zahedi dates our online group is trying to provide you with the best services. You can also contact us for advice or shopping, via the following communication bridges;we assure you that you will be completely satisfied with your purchase and choice. Whenever there is talk of bulk sales of dates, we expect the displacement of a huge volume of dates that no supervision and management in compliance with health tips in them will not be.Unfortunately, in the past, due to the lack of attention to these issues, it seems that there is still irregularity in the collection and packaging of dates.Bulk sales dates nowadays a concept of other dates, apart from the concept of packaging, meaningless even if the opinion of the general merchants such is not.The mother of bulk sales dates all our efforts to achieve this goal will advance.


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MOYWAT invite you for buy the best Shrimp, dates, tomatoes

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